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Windward Community College (WCC) Tai Chi Class

Instructors: Lisa Nakata, Steve Frasheur, Sandi Miller, Jim Nakata, Johnson Bolibol.

The instructors of this class have been practicing tai chi for the past 8-12 years at the same Kaneohe location. They began their tai chi experience with Chip Ellis, student of Master Dong Huling and disciple of Master Dong Zeng Chen. In 1997 Alex Dong became the master teacher of the group. These students were very fortunate that Alex was their resident teacher for six years. Now based in New York, Alex holds workshops in Hawaii two or three times a year when he provides corrections to be incorporated before his next visit. When Alex left Hawaii in 2003 he appointed the above students to carry on the teaching of the class. While these instructors honor and respect other forms and styles, they are dedicated to the tai chi taught by Master Alex Dong based on that practiced by his great grandfather Master Tung Ying Jie.