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Toni DeMoulin

Toni DeMoulin lives in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to teaching regular local Taiji classes, Toni teaches workshops in Europe and USA with a special emphasis on helping other women and teachers discover the joy and importance of Push Hands. She has been studying and teaching Dong Family Taiji since 1972. For thirty years she studied and taught with Master Tung Kai Ying in Los Angeles and now she is a serious student of Master Alex Dong.

Toni started Dong Style Taiji academies in Santa Barbara, San Diego and Portland, OR. and has given USA workshops in Burbank, Whittier, Big Bear, Eureka, Seattle, and Portland. European workshops have been in Tonsberg, Norway and Prague, Czech Republic. Toni encourages other students by example to be a good senior student, helping others on this path and attending as many workshops, camps and intensives as possible with Master Alex.