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Réjean Gardner

Rejean Gardner

Réjean Gardner is a retired nurse and paramedic, and recipient of the General Governor of Canada Meritorious Service Medal and Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal.

He has accumulated more than 30 years in martial arts practise and karate teaching. He is also assistant instructor in Zazen practise.

For several years, he has devoted himself to Yang style Tai Chi Chuan practise and teaching. Since 2005, he has been following Master Alex Dong's teaching through by seminars or clinics in Montreal, Canada; New York, USA; Kalambaka, Grece; and the Westwater annual camp, USA.

He is pleased and proud to be part of Alex Dong International Taijiquan Association.

Réjean teaches in Laval and Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Email info@taichilaval.com