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Nancy Lam

Nancy Lam, London

Nancy Lam passed away in May 2012.

Nancy was born in Fujian, China and began to teach in 2001, after a lifetime of interest in Taiji.

She teaches Yang Style Taiji and Qi Gong at all levels. She teaches Push Hands, Two Person Set and Dong Family Fast Set. For more advanced students, she teaches Yang Style Taiji Sword and Broadsword (Sabre) forms.

Nancy first met Master Alex Dong in London in 2001 and since that time, she's regularly participated in intensive Taiji training camps, led by Master Alex Dong. This gives Nancy the opportunity to constantly raise her level of teaching and she hopes to continue to do this for years to come.

Nancy enjoys the challenge of encouraging her students to progress, while retaining their interest and enjoyment of Taiji. She believes that it's important for students to understand the practical applications and meanings behind the movements so that they can improve their practice of the form as they progress.

Her students come from all walks of life and include ballet dancers, boxers, actors and lawyers. She believes that teaching is a two way learning experience the questions that her students pose, keep her on her toes and continues to improve her own knowledge.

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