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Luciana Maia de Menezes

Luciana Maia de Menezes, Brazil

Luciana Maia de Menezes, graduated in Psychology at U.F.M.G. (Federal University of Minas Gerais). Studied Tai Chi Chuan for 8 years, following the teachings of Shenlin Society in London and today has been dedicating to the practise and teaching of Tai Chi Chuan in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for more than 10 years.

She improved her techniques of Chi Gong in the south of France (Plum Village) where she spend 2 weeks in contact with Thich Nahn Hahn and his teachings, practising meditation techniques which today she applies to her teachings.

She founded with her husband the Tai Chi Chuan BH school where they had the presence of Master Alex Dong for the first seminar in 2008. Due to the clarity, sincerity and simplicity of Master Dongs teachings we have adopted the Dong Style and became member of the "Tung Ying Jie Taiji Legacy" and we hope to continue with the same seriouness and dedication as the Art deserves.