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Klaus Kotschenreuther

Klaus Kotschenreuther, Denmark

Klaus Kotschenreuther, born in the city of Leipzig, East Germany in 1942 and has been living permanently in Denmark since 1963. He has an education in communication and visual marketing, which he has used until 1999 by working for different international brand business. Since then, he try to concentrate on life quality, mainly by practicing and teaching tai ji.

Klaus been interested in oriental art and philosophy since his teens. His first time experience with tai ji was in 1984, followed by regularly participation in Master Kai Ying Tung's workshops in Denmark from 1987 - 1993.

From the beginning of year 1994 until 1999, he was invited to study under master Patrick Kelly (New Zealand), a long term student of Grandmaster Huang Sheng-Shyan. Following different workshops in different countries like Germany, France and Italy, he received teaching of the Cheng Man-Ching Yang Long Form, fixed push-hands, White Crane Gong Fu and loosening exercises.

Klaus started "friends of t'ai ji" and teaching in southern part of Denmark in 1991. He especially values the meditative and personal challenge side of the art of tai ji. Also appreciate the martial art aspect. As an alternative approach, he also take advantage of tai ji's attitude, when he is giving lectures to people with mental failures, young addicts of drugs, criminals etc.

The first time Klaus participated at a workshop with Master Alex Dong, was in Greece in 2007. Already knowing some tai ji based on 23 years experience, he got hooked and inspired on the clearness of Master Alex's teaching.

Klaus has since followed the workshops of Alex Dong and will continue. It gives him the opportunity to learn more deeper sections of tai ji, which he is happy to transfer to his own students.