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Jitka Horalkova

After the Velvet Revolution in 1989 in Czech republic I have bought the book from Dr. Stephen T. Chang The complete system of self-healing - internal exercises. During communist era all books like this were forbidden. I started to practice these exercises regularly and after some time I decided to learn more and share with other people these great exercises. So I attended chi-kung courses, read all books translated into Czech language about taoism, chi-kung, self-healing, astrology, chinese medicine, feng-shui.

In 1997 I discovered Tai-chi and I felt for it. I have learned slow set Yang (Tung style). For more forms, push hands, principals and details I had to go abroad. I went to France to Anya Meot workshops, I met Master Tung Kai Ying in his workshop in Paris too. When I ordered through internet videos made by Toni DeMoulin, Toni offered me to come to Prague and I appreciated it. It was beginning of co-operation with Alex Dong Association.

First I started to share chi-kung exercises with small group of women (1999), after coming back from Anya Meot camp I started to teach tai chi (2001). I was very happy with teaching tai chi (and still I have been) because be allowed to teach tai chi it was my big dream.

I am interested not only in tai chi but also in feng-shui, chinese medicine, chi-kung, simply in great Taoist philosophy. I love astrology and reflexology too.

Email jitka.horalkova@gmail.com