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Jeff Pastoressa

Jeff Pastoressa

Jeff is a certified teacher who trains directly under Master Alex Dong in New York City. He attends Master Dong's monthly workshops and weekly classes, where he is also an assistant teacher. Jeff is the primary teacher in classes on Long Island.

Jeff has been studying Tai Chi Chuan since 1990. He began his practice in the heart of one of the busiest, fastest places in the world -- Times Square, New York City -- with a well known master, Master C. K. Chu. Master Chu has a M.A in Physics and applies it to his teachings of Yang style Tai Chi. Under his direct supervision Jeff learned the Yang slow and fast forms, weapons forms, push hands, Nei Kung, Taosist meditation and fighting skills. Jeff progressed to assisting Master Chu in teaching the Yang form.

When Jeff learned about the Dong family's Tai Chi reputation, he attended a Sunday workshop of Master Alex Dong in New York City. He was immediately impressed with Master Dong's teachings and became one of his students.

Master Dong's teachings have brought Jeff's art to a new level. Jeff is honored to be given the opportunity to show others Dong Taiji.

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