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David Koos

The first martial art David studied was Shotokan Karate in 1974. He had the good fortune to study with Mr. Tsutomu Oshima, who introduced Shotokan Karate to the United States in 1955. David began his study of Yang Style Tai Chi in 1983. A year of study opened him to the prospects and possibilities of Tai Chi as a wellness and meditative practice. As a practicing Clinical Psychologist, these qualities were particularly appealing as a method for achieving successful stress relief and mental well being.

He resumed his formal practice of Tai Chi in 1990. By 1992 he had begun his now 13 years of practice with Mr. Roger Skiles of Westwater Tai Chi. David began his affiliation with Master Alex Dong of the Dong Family Tai Chi Chuan Association in 1998. He now teaches Tai Chi in the Tung Ying Jie Taiji Legacy style of Master Alex Dong at Stone Forest Retreat in Cedaredge, Colorado where he offers both Tai Chi classes and wellness seminars with his wife Betsy.