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Adele Salem

Adele joined John Brewer's Tai Chi class at the East West Centre in 1990. The slow rhythmical flowing movements of Tai Chi and the peaceful non-demanding atmosphere in which they were taught formed a perfect healing pathway for me. Through this class Adele met and studied with Grand Master Dong Zeng Chen and subsequently became a student of his son, Master Alex Dong, learning in addition to the Yang style slow set, Dong Family Fast set, Sabre and Sword forms, and continuing studies of the Hao Style.

In 2000 Adele began to teach, and currently teaches several daytime and evening classes in art venues around South East London, both for mixed groups. Her aim in sharing my knowledge of Tai Chi is to impart the benefits of opening up to a renewal of energy and replenishment and refreshment of the spirit. This happens through practise of the warm-up, chi-kung exercises and set. It requires a willingness to move through and with discomfort to a new level of harmony, connecting with reserves of inner strength, beauty, and nothingness, deepening contact with the earth, flowing round obstacles. Of course this is the ideal! The practice is hard and difficult and yet so lovely and even occasionally ever so easy. Ever changing and yet ever the same. Wherever or whatever you are hiding or holding Tai Chi will open up and release in you. Slowly, gradually, beneficially, in relative privacy and with grace. Tai Chi is also a good community, a place to share laughter, fun and growth, hard work, learning, aching legs, meaning and purpose, and last but by no means least, international travel.

Adele works as a shamanic practitioner/corporate group trainer qualified in Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling Skills (1992), Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval (1998) who has extensive professional experience of self-expression through acting, (The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School 76-78) teaching, directing, writing and devising in physical and performance art theatre, TV and film. She has lead spiritual development circles for 4 years and has used Tai Chi in a healing capacity with survivors of trauma and abuse. She particularly enjoys encouraging and introducing the martial aspects of Tai Chi to older, more frail and timid students!

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