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Greetings - May 2015 be as happy and healthy as ever!

At the beginning of each year, filled with optimism we are looking for a fresh start like a restart of our computer or phone. I look forward to each and every year. Iím also optimistic this year. Itís another round for me. Iím looking to see my friends around the world as I do each and every year. Although my visit to each place is short, we pack in a lot. 2015 will be the best year yet for A lex Dong Taiji. Be sure to make your way to a workshop or two.

There are many highlights from 2014. The group had a great time in Westwater learning the sticks form. It was our largest group there ever, very dynamic. The Push Hands workshop in Greece, training just a few feet away from the sea, was special; swimming there really helped the aches that developed from all the hard work. And just a week later, the Grand Gathering in China brought many of Chinaís Dong Style practitioners together for a grand event.

Iím looking to do two Push Hands only workshops in 2015. One is already set for Greece at the end of September again. Another will be in the U. S. with time and location to be determined soon. People who have attended the last two Push hands workshops (England and Greece) benefited greatly from them. Not only did their Push Hands skills improved, but their overall Taiji skills improved. Many, including women and beginners, became more comfortable in doing Push Hands and want more of it.

The upcoming European Tour is highly recommended. As I may do the tour every few years, but the locations or details are different each time. We have been to Siena, but at a different time of the year. This time we will see the famous Palio (horse race in the square) and even get an inside look of one of the original teams. Majorca, Spain will be our very first visit as a group. This is possible only because of combining two countries into one tour. So there wonít be many other opportunities to visit the lovely island and Armandís Taiji group.

Some thoughts to consider in this new year: There are lots of things we have no control over, not directly anyway. But we could focus more on our own self well-being. Donít get upset unnecessarily. And if we do, let it go soon as possible. Be nice to yourself and at least have consideration for others. This world will be a lot more comfortable and less confrontational if we all can be more considerate.


         Alex Dong

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